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ROC Web Marketing offers video marketing, content marketing, and web design & development services to Rochester and Upstate New York.
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Blog Writing

Rochester Blog Writing


ROC Web Marketing strives to create content that provides real value to consumers. One of the most popular and effective ways to do this is through a blog. Through your blog you can offer informative, educational, and engaging content to consumers. This content in turn positions you as leader in your industry and a go to source when consumers need to make a purchase.


We are experienced in creating, writing, and promoting high-quality, search engine optimized articles. Our content is engaging and results in action. With each article we deliver, we offer a variety of services that include further research, graphic creation, email and social promotion.


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High Quality Content & Writing

You can rest assured that the quality you get back in each article will be top notch. Unfortunately, in today’s digital world, it’s easy for companies to cheap out and outsource their writing to a less expensive foreign writer. But we’re here to tell you that when you go that route you will waste your money and in return receive something of very poor value.


We not only know how to write proficiently but also know how to write for consumers. We place a focus on creating engaging content that also sells to the customer.


You can expect quality content every time.


We can post as often as you like. Readers today, crave new content so it’s important keep feeding them this content. The best way to do this is through your blog. Weekly, bi-weekly, three times a week, daily; the choice is yours. We have the resources and expertise to produce valuable content every time.

Blog Strategy

As with any other form of Marketing, or Content Marketing in particular, a sound strategy will help to guide your path and result in a higher quality end product. We can work with you to develop a sound strategy for your website or business that will help you reach your goals. Whether that’s increasing traffic to your website, increasing sales, growing your email list; whatever you wish to achieve, we will help you to a build a blog strategy to grow your business.

Keyword Research

Using tools like Adwords Keyword Planner, MOZ, and Google, we research keywords that will be best to focus on for your article. Often, we target long tail keywords that are easier to target and have a higher customer intent. We spend the proper amount of time defining this before even starting to write your article.

Search Engine Optimized

After we do the proper keyword research, we then begin to write and structure your article to enhance its searchability. Things like headers, titles, image file names, article structure, are all formatted to optimize for the keyword we are targeting for that specific article.

Image Editing

Using Photoshop and Canva, we make sure images within the blog post look the best they can. Whether it’s just a bit of color correction, cropping, sharpening, filtering; we make sure the entire article looks great.

Graphic Creation

As with any engaging content, visuals are often very important. We are adept in creating visuals that draw people in as well as engage and inform readers.


Our services don’t just stop after delivering your content, however. We are able to fully promote your article through email and social media marketing. Using MailChimp, or similar email platforms, we can send an email blast out to your email list to inform your customers of your new post and promote it through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Blog Management

Not only can we handle writing and promoting your blog articles, we can manage your blog as well. This can include Google Analytics tracking to weigh the performance of the articles, coming up article ideas, blog design, and more.


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