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ROC Web Marketing offers video marketing, content marketing, and web design & development services to Rochester and Upstate New York.
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Content Creation

Rochester Content Creation


At ROC Web Marketing we are knowledgeable and experienced in creating content for all sorts of media. Blog articles, product page content, copy writing, Adwords copy, and more. No matter what the type of content, we are confident that we can create content that converts.


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Content Creation Strategy

Once you’ve committed to Content Marketing as an integral part of your business, now comes the fun part of deciding what type of content you should provide to your customers. Should you produce educational and informative blog posts, product reviews, quirky videos?


We can help you decide what will be best for your business and guide your new content creation strategy.

Blog Writing

Your blog is one of your most valuable assets for your website. It’s a fantastic way to bring in new visitors, provide educational and informative content, and sell to consumers without actually “selling”. However, keeping up with quality and frequency of content that readers demand can be tough for many companies. Nevermind, have the experience and knowledge to create an engaging piece that also adheres to standard Search Engine Optimization practices.


Let a company that places such a strong focus on creating content that is valuable to consumers, develop and write your blog articles. We can publish as often as you like and will help you to decide on articles that will be best for your business. Contact us for a quote or take a look at our Blog Writing page for more info.

SEO Content

We write content that is optimized for search engines. Using the correct titles, headers, images file names, structure, and more, we ensure the content we create will help you to perform better in search engine results pages.


We can develop content for your new web page, an entire website, or even revise your content to be better optimized for search engines.

Social Media Posts

Social Media has nearly become a standard for many businesses. Unfortunately, many companies do not know how to use many of the most popular social networks correctly let alone come up with attractive and engaging content.


No matter the site, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram, we know how to create content that is optimized for each, attracts clicks, and engages your audience.

Adwords Copy

Whether it’s for an actual image based ad for the Display Network or just your Adwords copy for your search based ads, we can develop copy that leads to more clicks. Resulting in more traffic to your site and an increase in sales.

Product Page Content

Do you need a description written up for your product? We can write an accurate description that informs visitors and moves them towards a purchase.


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