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Video Editing

Video Editing Service Rochester NY


People often take many elements in a video for granted. They believe you can shoot a video and just be done with it. But unless you want an unprofessional video that is not the case at all. Most professional video requires a good amount of editing by someone with a strong attention to detail and a creative side.


Whether you shot the video with us or not, we’re here to help make your video great. We will bring your video to life using professional video editing techniques and adding important features. We offer a wide variety of editing services including basic editing, transitions, color correction, music, and motion graphics. See our full list of video editing services below:


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Basic Editing & Video Transitions

Let us slice and dice your raw video into something that actually looks polished. Using crossovers, slicing, cutting, and other transitions, we can make your video look professional.

Image & Color Correction

Does everyone in the video look to have green, sickish tint to them because poor lighting was used. Or does the color just look dead and flat? We can edit the color of the image subtly to remove any abnormalities and bring the color in your video back to life.

Narration or Voice Over

Do you have all the video but need someone to talk over it to convey the idea? Let our voice over professionals add that much needed narrative to bring your video to the next level.

Background Music

Nearly every film or even short video you watch will feature music. Yet, many disregard it and often don’t put the time into finding the right tracks to fit your video. Or, even worse, leave it out completely. Let us add the perfect track to your video that will convey the emotion and feeling you are going for. Whether you’re going for serious and professional or fun and quirky, we will find music that fits your video perfectly.

Video Titles

Video titles, product titles, descriptions; we can do it all and add some structure to your video.

Intros & Outros

Does your video need a professional intro and/or outro? We can develop one from the very simple to the super complex.

Subtitles and Closed Captioning

If your audience may have trouble hearing or your video needs to be shown to viewers who speak a different language, don’t forget to include proper subtitles and/or closed captioning. Let us transcribe your video.

Effects – Motion Graphics

We can add cutting edge graphics to your video to convey your idea better or to give it a creative appeal.


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