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ROC Web Marketing offers video marketing, content marketing, and web design & development services to Rochester and Upstate New York.
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Video Production

Rochester Video Production


ROC Web Marketing takes a unique stance towards video production. Rather than simply shooting and editing your video, like a video production house may do, we prefer to focus on the overall strategy of the video first.


While, we can simply shoot your video and then edit it how you please, we believe taking the time to develop a solid strategy for your video is important in improving the success of the video and your overall satisfaction. Not only that, taking the time to truly understand your business, your customers, and what you wish to achieve are all important factors that we take into consideration before even starting the creation process.


Let a company that focuses on results rather than just putting out another cookie cutter video, produce your video. We are experienced and know what it takes to produce effective video that moves people to action.


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Concept Development


First and foremost, we’re a marketing company, not just a video production house, so we place a strong importance on strategy. Above all, this will be the most important aspect of making your video successful. Having a solid idea what the video should achieve and how to achieve it will guide the rest of the process and ensure we create a video that meets your expectations.


We will work with you to build the overall strategy of the video and what you wish to achieve. Only once we know everything we can to make your video successful then do we start the creation process.

Concept Generation

From start to finish, we focus on making your video great. We have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to make your video stand out above the rest.


As a marketing company, and not just a video production house, we know what it takes to create a video that speaks to people and ultimately generates sales. After developing the overall strategy of your video, we then focus on coming up with creative ways to bring that strategy to life in your video.


We work with you until we come up with a concept that you are both satisfied with and will meet your goals.



Script Writing

After strategy and concept development, scripting is the next important piece to the process of making a successful video. A good script will help to lay the foundation and will be the blueprint for your video. We know how write a script to properly showcase your brand, product, or whatever point you want to get across.

Selecting Shooting Location

Whether it’s in your office or an off-site location, we will find the perfect area to film your video. This is often taken for granted, as location is a vital piece of filming a video. You want the location to be in line with the mood and emotion of the video. Also, you want to find a location that is visually appealing to the audience yet not too distracting. We know how to find the perfect location to do it all.



This is where we take everything we prepared for in the Concept Development and Pre-Production stages of your video and put them into action.


We are experienced in shooting video and know how to capture the perfect take. We use all the latest equipment to ensure that your video looks great.


Post Production

After filming,  we take the already great raw footage that we captured and put it all together. Using editing techniques we make your video look professional and organized. This is also where we might fix or improve any color in the video and add background music to set the mood.

Color Correction

Most video will need some form of color correction, either to fix any color imbalances or to just make it pop a bit more. We know how to do each to make your video look the best it can.


Music is often overlooked in video but it is one of the most important aspects. It sets the mood and pace of the video. It also helps to convey the emotion and helps to get across the point better. Whether you’re going for serious and professional or fun and quirky, rest assured we will find the perfect music for your video.

Video Streaming

We can upload your video to popular video websites like YouTube and Vimeo or post it specifically to your website using a platform such as Wistia. The choice is yours and we know the best techniques and formats for each. YouTube may be good for more exposure and to try to target search results while hosting it on your own website makes the video content more exclusive. We can help you decide on the best option for your video and then put it into action.


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