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ROC Web Marketing offers video marketing, content marketing, and web design & development services to Rochester and Upstate New York.
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Web Design & Development

Web design and development is much more than simply building a website that looks great and functions correctly. It should be a process of creating the perfect site for your business and your customers.


This is why we spend so much time in understanding not only what your business needs and goals are but what your customers needs and goals are. After all, we’re building a website for you to reach your customers. Shouldn’t it be made with them in mind?


ROC Web Marketing works to understand your customer. Their needs, their wants, their pain points, what makes them tick, what moves them to action; We strive to know everything we can so that when it comes time to actually design and build your website, we’re doing it with the customer in mind.


We focus on results, not striving for gold plaques for fantastic, super-duper design. While, design is great, and we do build well designed websites, it should not be your main focus and the top criteria for choosing a company to build your website.


Be honest, what would you rather have? A flashy website or a website that converts.


We ensure that we know your customer, your business needs, and your goals so that when your website is finished, it lives up to its expectations. It looks and functions great, it brings in traffic, and ultimately it converts.




Not Your Ordinary Web Company

We Understand Your Customer

If a web design company doesn’t take the time to understand and know your customers, how can they design an effective website?


They can’t.


The customer always guides your decisions. In marketing, sales, product offerings, services; the customer’s wants, needs, and behavior are all steering the way. Shouldn’t it be the same for web development?


Yet, so many companies forgo this information. They completely ignore it. They take what they’re given and churn out another website like a thoughtless machine. Never really taking the time to understand the customer and why they’re doing what they’re doing.


ROC Web Marketing works to understand your customers. We work to know everything about them. Only once we know what guides your customers’ behavior, then do we start building.

Design Is Great But Content Is King

Don’t be fooled by flashy design. While, design is great, content is what gets the job done. It’s the most important aspect of any website. People tend to forget this.


It’s tempting to jump right into designing a website, eager to create that next piece of art, but serious thought needs to be put into its content. Otherwise, all you have is a bunch of posters with no substance.


Content should be the number one priority. It’s what brings people to your website, it’s why they come, it’s why they stay, and it’s why they make a purchase. At ROC Web Marketing, we care about content.


We are well versed in creating content-rich information that offers true value to consumers. We focus on content that is informative, educational, entertains, and is on point. Our content converts.

Mobile Optimized Design

With 63% of cell phone owners using their phone to access the internet and 34% using their mobile device as the primary method for using the internet (Source), mobile is quickly becoming the most popular way to browse the web.


It’s not enough just to have a website that looks and functions correctly on a laptop or desktop, it needs to be fully responsive and adept to performing on all mobile platforms. ROC Web Marketing focuses on optimizing your website for mobile visitors and creating the best possible mobile experience.

Continual Web Development

Solid web development is about constant improvement. Work with a company that is able to continually develop and adapt your website to changing consumer behavior. Through the use of web analytics and A/B testing, we can work to fine tweak your website to improve click-through rates and conversions.

Navigation Optimization

Your homepage is not the only page that people see. Nor is the only page people land on. Emphasizing great design and navigation only on the homepage is not enough. Your site needs to be a solid, connected unit that functions well with each other and looks great on every page. Your homepage may not be the first page that a person visits when they come to your website thanks to search engine results. So you need to be sure the rest of the site looks great and functions correctly.